The total cost to publish Notice of LLC Formation (3 times) in County for is $ .00
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LLC County Publication Service

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Publication of Notice of LLC Formation (3 times) County $.00
Proofread customer information against Corporation Commission records; advise customer of any errors or ommissions found and required corrections included
Arrange for publication of Limited Liability Company Notice of Formation 3 consecutive times in County, Arizona included
Advise client of publication "run dates" included
Provide copy of publisher's Notice to client included
Monitor and review publication process to ensure compliance with applicable statute. included
Secure Affidavit of Publication from publishing Newspaper included
Provide digital copy of the Affidavit of Publication to client via electronic mail included
Provide printed copy of Affidavit of Publication to client via postal mail for Limited Liability Company's official records no charge
File Proof of Publication with Arizona Corporation Commission no charge
$40.00 Credit toward future services included
Arizona Limited Liability Company Compliance Check no charge
Total $.00