Nevada LLC and Incorporation Resources

Official State of Nevada internet site

Office of the Nevada Secretary of State : Information on doing business in Nevada and forming a Nevada business entity.

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Nevada Department of Taxation online State Business License registrations for domestic companies.

Nevada Legislature

Commission on Economic Development has launched several campaigns for attracting business. According to the site: Nevada was built on the entrepreneurial spirit of free-thinking pioneers. The state collects no personal or corporate income tax, a policy woven into Nevada tradition.

Department of Business and Industry Nearly every business in the state comes in contact with the Department of Business & Industry in one way or another. The department’s main objective is to encourage and promote growth, development, and legal operation of business within the State of Nevada.

State of Nevada Division of Industrial Relations This is the place to start for workman’s comp questions if your LLC or Corporation will hire employees.

Office of the NV Labor Commissioner Our mission is to enforce the labor laws of the State of Nevada in a manner that protects the rights of working families in a fair, professional and timely manner.

Dept. of Motor Vehicles Occupational & Business Licensing Any company which rents or loans vehicles to the public for any reason must contact the DMV Occupational and Business Licensing.

Supreme Court Nevada’s highest court.

State Bar:

Nevada Small Business Development Center Statewide business assistance outreach program of the University of Nevada. Provides a unique array of business assistance services, expertise and training in areas such as incorporating, growth, and development.

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