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We offer a Standard Incorporation service at a flat rate of $199, plus state fees. This package includes:

  • All incorporation documents prepared according to the parameters you just entered
  • Articles of Incorporation with Indemnification clauses
  • Personal-delivery filing at the Nevada Secretary of State in Carson City
  • Nevada law-specific bylaws prepared pursuant to the parmeters you just set forth
  • Board of Directors Organizational Action with banking resolutions, appointment of Officers, Directors and authorization of Shares
  • Annual Directors and Officers list (ongoing compliance documentation)

Nevada Incorporation Service
Standard Incorporation Service You'll receive the Articles by electronic-mail - usually within the hour.

Return the signed documents to our toll-free facsimile number and we'll file your Corporation within 3 (usually 2) business days. Same Day Rush Filing is also Available - see below

As soon as the Articles are approved (3-5 business days), we send the:
  • Nevada Business Entity filing number
  • approved Articles of Incorporation
  • State of Nevada Corporate Charter
  • completed List of Officers and Directors
  • Nevada Bylaws
  • Board of Directors Organizational Action.
  • EIN Application.
State Filing Fee 75.00 Directors' Organizational Consent Action 0.00 Custom Nevada Corporate Bylaws For taking the time to complete the intake form, we're offering you custom bylaws per the parameters you have entered at no additonal charge. This gives you a complimentary uprade to the incorporation service. 150.00 1 Copy of Approved Articles of Incorporation 0.00 Nevada Corporate Charter Certificate 0.00 Registered Agent Certificate 0.00 Annual Directors & Officers List 0.00 Federal EIN Application 0.00 Instant Credit The instant credit is the amount you save when you order your Corp. online. -150.00 Total $274.00
Available Upgrades

(add any of the following to the above total or hit the Finish button below to complete your order)

Provide all documents in PDF format via e-mail Receive electronic mail delivery of the filed Articles of Incorporation, Corporate Bylaws, Corporate Charter, Officers and Directors List and all status reports.

With all orders, we always send documents via postal mail. If you also want the documents e-mailed to you as they are processed, select this option. This will provide the fastest documentation and status reporting possible.

This option is included in the RUSH option (if you order the RUSH option, do not order this PDF option).

Include our Corporate Kit

Our handcrafted Corporate is constructed with "D" rings and has storage for your stock certificates, company seal and documents on disk. This kit includes:
Metal Hand Seal
Slip case
Stock Certificates
Your Corporate documents on disk
Stock Transfer ledgers
6 Index Tabs
Minute / Resolution Paper

Nevada Registered Agent Service Nevada requires a Registered Agent to be designated for all Corporations and LLCs. We can provide this service to you for $135.00 annually.
Need it Faster? Same Day RUSH Filing If you "need it yesterday", we provide a Rush Filing Service.

Rush orders are filed the same day you order when placed before 1:00 p.m. - otherwise, the next business day.

Secretary of State 24 Hr. Expedited Processing The Secretary of State charges $125 for next day turnaround service. Without this option processing usually takes 3-5 business days starting when the Secretary of State receives the application. This fee is in addition to the standard $75 filing fee.
Certified Copy of Articles of Incorporation We can order a Certified Copy of the Articles of Incorporation when they are filed, or you can order it from the Secretary of State later, if you prefer. Nevada law (NRS 86.241) requires that at least one certified copy be maintained at the registered agent's office.
US Postal Service Priority Mail
What Happens Next?

When You Click The "Finish" Button

You'll will be transferred to a secure server at Paypal.com to make payment. We'll be instantly notified of your order and will send your Articles of Incorporation to your email address. Expect it within the hour.

Return the signed documentation and we'll file your Corporation in-person, over-the-counter with the Secretary of State in Carson City - Filing and Processing Fees prepaid.

Then we send your approved Articles, Nevada Business Entity number, Organizational Action, Corporate Bylaws, Charter, Officers and Directors List and the EIN application as soon as the Articles are approved. (usually 3 to 7 days)