Client Contact Information

Please advise who we should contact for the purpose of forming this LLC. The party listed here will be our client, and all correspodence will be directed to the person whose name is entered here.

What is the name of the LLC?

Let us know what name you wish to use for the LLC. Give us up to 3 names & we'll run a search for you at the Secretary of State to ensure no conflicts exist. If there is a conflict, we will check your 2nd & 3rd choices in that order.

The name of a Nevada LLC needs to include the words
"Limited Liability Company", "Limited Company", "Limited" or these
abbreviations: "LLC", "Ltd.", "L.L.C.", "L.C." or "LC."
What is the LLC's address?

This address can be either a physical street address or just a mailing address, such as a post office box or private mail receiving box. It MAY be located OUTSIDE of Nevada.

Will you be your own Registered Agent?

Most business owners prefer to be THEIR OWN AGENT for their LLC. They don't want to pay annual fees & forwarding costs to someone else to receive free compliance reminders from the State - and because THEY want to be the party receiving legal notices (like employee garnishments or tax notifications) for the company - not a lawyer or some person or company they haven't even met.

Paralegal Plus will provide this service to you for $135.00 annually.
You only need to hire an agent if you don't have a street address in Nevada.
What is the LLC's business activity or function?

Please advise what nature of business the entity will conduct. This will help us determine if the company should be organized as a Professional Limited Liability Company.

Examples: broker, contractor, retailer, realtor.
Who are the LLC Members and Managers?

A party with ownership rights to profits, and who has legal rights to manage the Company should be designated as BOTH a Member and Manager here.

If they have the right to manage, control and vote, but have no legal rights to receive profits, then they should be designated as a MANAGER here.

Designate the party as a MEMBER here, if they have the right to receive profits, but not to manage or control the LLC (such as with a passive investor).

Is this party a Member (owner) a Manager or both?


(+) Add Another

Is this party a Member (owner) a Manager or both?

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