This roster includes summary profiles and subject matter of pages included within the business organizations portion of the website. The index can be used as a master guide to documents regarding incorporation and llc formation at this site.

Incorporation Establishing a Corporate Entity
The purpose of incorporating and how to incorporate a business.
Subject matter: Benefits of incorporating and invoking limited liability to owners. Incorporating insulates principals from business debt. Presumption of law on non-liability applied to corporate entities. Corporations are separate and distinct legal entities from, a legal person. Incorporation involves setting up three elements. A description of the roles of directors, officers and shareholders.

Incorporating in Arizona – Arizona Incorporation Paralegal
Subject matter: Incorporating a business goes beyond the ministerial tasks of filing articles. Activities involved with incorporating in Arizona. Preparation and filing organizational documents. Drafting of corporate bylaws and resolutions incidental to incorporating. Explains the process to incorporate and requirement to protect the legal structure of the entity. Observance of formalities for preservation of the corporate structure and its limited liability properties.

Arizona Incorporation – Service Costs and Fees
Schedule of fees and costs to incorporate.
Subject matter: Documents are prepared and transmitted in electronic format for expedited processing. Services include all filings with the Corporation Commission and publication requirements. Premium services include bylaws with organizational minutes, resolutions and first meeting of the board of Directors.

Arizona Corporations Laws and Codes
Arizona Revised Statutes on corporate filings and operations
Subject matter: Corporations and Associations, Title 10 index to law regarding corporate entities. Direct links to individual statutes about Filing Documents; Fees; Filing requirements; Forms; Public access fund; Expedited report filing; Effective time and date of incorporation; Correcting a filed document; Certificate of good standing; Notice and Shareholders and more.

California Incorporation – Incorporate a California Business
Incorporating a business explains the procedure in California to incorporate as well as post incorporation operations.
Subject matter: Differences between incorporating and merely filing articles. Procedure to incorporate in California is similar to incorporating in other states. Complete incorporation takes about one week if done by expedited processing. With normal processing, incorporating takes about a month. Full scope of pre-incorporation and post-incorporation issues. Selecting a name for a California Corporation and name reservation with the Secretary of State.

Limited Liability Company Form of Business Entity llc
Limited Liability Company form of business. Comparisons made between limited liability companies and corporations. Analogy of the LLC to a partnership. Management flexibility of the business structure. Asset protection and tax structure of the entity. Limited personal liability of business owners from business debts. Simplified management when compared to a corporation. Avoiding double taxation. Composition and Management of an LLC.

Form an LLC in Arizona – Limited Liability Company Incorporation llc-arizona
Subject matter: Process of forming an LLC, and its similarity to incorporation. Differences between setting up llc’s and corporations. Name selection for an Arizona company. Filing Articles of Organization with the ACC. Approval of formation by the commission.

Sustaining LLC Good Standing company-arizona
Sustaining limited liability of your LLC.
Subject matter: Reviews publication requirements, licensing and limited liability company operating agreements. Guidelines for an effective Operating Agreement: start-up capital; additional contributions; rights and duties of members and managers; profits and loss distributions; draws by members; expense accounts and expulsion of a member. Business licensing considerations for companies. Trade name registration and permissibility of using fictitious name.

Services and Fees to form LLCs
Subject matter: Economical services for companies including checking name availability; preparation, delivery and filing of Articles; expedited processing with the ACC; filing of statutory agents acceptance; publicizing in applicable county.

FAQ on Issues in AZ llc_arizona_discussion
Subject matter: Discussion of operating agreements, tax treatment and liability characteristics of LLCs. This page will assist you in understanding key concepts about a llc. The business organization is authorized by state law, and its similarities to partnerships, and corporations.

Formations of Calif. Ltd. Liability Companies
Subject matter: Difference between filing Articles of Organization and forming companies. Explains the process to create and manage continued affairs of the business. An outline of steps to to llc formation in California with relevent considerations. Background of the Beverly-Killea Limited Liability Company Act.

Forming Companies in California
Page 1 of 5 – This is the first of a five page series discussing various topics regarding Cal. LLCs. The articles begins with Starting and running a LLC which provides an outline of operating a company. Subjects: relatively new authorization of llcs in California; its authorization pursuant to Cal. laws; some characteristics of limited liability companies.

Arizona Resource Guides
Subject matter: State law, government offices for filing documents. Regulatory boards, Municipal and County licensing requirements.

Calif. Resource Guide
A guide to resources in California.
Subject matter: The California Secretary of State site; The Corporate Code; Franchise Tax Board; Forms relevant to doing business in California; List of Business Forms, Directory of Governmental Agencies; Where to conduct a Business Name Records Search.

California Corporation Laws
Law pertaining to corporate compliance. Important sections should be consulted before forming your corporation. Index of statutes