Repealed effective as of September 1, 2020. These statutes were replaced by the new Arizona Limited Liability Company Act. The laws on this page were effective starting in 1992 and are listed for reference. They are no longer in effect. The Arizona Legislature website contains links to all Titles and specific statutes in the Arizona Revised Statutes here.

Arizona LLC Laws (Repealed)

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Article 1. General Provisions
Definitions 29-601
Limited liability company name 29-602
Reservation of name 29-603
Registered office and statutory agent to be maintained 29-604
Change of registered office, statutory agent or statutory agent’s address 29-605
Service of process on limited liability company 29-606
Records to be kept; inspection rights of members 29-607
Business transactions of member or manager with limited liability company 29-608
Purpose; title insurance agent 29-609
General powers of a domestic limited liability company 29-610
Powers of commission 29-611
Interrogatories by the commission; information disclosed by interrogatories 29-612
Article 2. Formation and Articles of Organization
Formation 29-631
Articles of organization 29-632
Amendment of articles of organization; restatement; publication 29-633
Filing with the commission 29-634
Formation of limited liability company 29-635
Notice of existence of limited liability company 29-636
Document corrections 29-637
Article 3. Relationship of Limited Liability Company and Members to Third Persons
Liability to third parties 29-651
Unauthorized assumption of power 29-652
Limited liability company property 29-653
Member or manager as agent 29-654
Rights of judgment creditors of a member 29-655
Parties to actions 29-656
Liability for false statement in articles; definition 29-657
Article 4. Member Relationships
Management of limited liability company; definition 29-681
Operating agreement 29-682
Action by written consent 29-683
Article 5. Contributions and Distributions
Capital contributions 29-701
Liability for contributions 29-702
Interim distributions 29-703
Distribution in kind 29-704
Status as a creditor 29-705
Limitation on distributions; wrongful distribution; treatment as income 29-706
Distributions on withdrawal 29-707
Distribution on winding up 29-708
Sharing of profits and losses 29-709
Article 6. Members
Admission of members 29-731
Interest in limited liability company; transferability of interest; rights of assignees 29-732
Events of withdrawal 29-733
Withdrawal of member 29-734
Article 7. Merger or Consolidation
Definition of business entity 29-751
Procedure for merger or consolidation; exchange 29-752
Plan of merger or consolidation 29-753
Articles of merger or consolidation 29-754
Abandonment of merger or consolidation 29-755
Effective date of merger or consolidation 29-756
Effects of merger or consolidation 29-757
Article 8. Dissolution
Dissolution 29-781
Rights of assignee 29-781.01
Effect of dissolution 29-782
Articles of termination 29-783
Effect of filing articles of termination 29-784
Involuntary judicial dissolution 29-785
Administrative dissolution 29-786
Article 9. Foreign Limited Liability Companies
Law governing foreign limited liability companies 29-801
Certificate of registration; application 29-802
Registration of foreign limited liability company; certificate of registration 29-803
Name of foreign limited liability company 29-804
Changes and amendments to foreign registration 29-805
Requirement for statutory agent of foreign limited liability company 29-806
Revocation of certificate of registration of foreign limited liability company 29-807
Cancellation of registration of foreign limited liability company 29-808
Transaction of business without registration 29-809
Action by attorney general 29-810
Service of process on a foreign limited liability company 29-811
Effect of executing application or certificate 29-812
Article 10. Derivative Actions
Right of member to bring derivative action 29-831
Pleading 29-832
Expenses 29-833
Article 11. Professional Limited Liability Companies
Definitions 29-841
Exclusions from article 29-842
Application of general limited liability company law 29-843
Special restrictions 29-844
Name 29-845
Professional relationship and responsibility 29-846
Disciplinary powers of regulating boards; transfer of shares 29-847
Article 12. Miscellaneous
Fees 29-851
Execution by judicial act 29-852
Applicability of provisions to foreign and interstate commerce 29-853
Rules of construction 29-854
Delivery by means of facsimile transmission 29-855
Rules of law and equity 29-856
Taxation 29-857
Note: This body of law applies to all LLCs in the state of Arizona including the general business LLC, real estate LLC, family LLC, and professional LLCs. Printable Version