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 Business Entity Formation

Form: Nevada LLC Ordering

This form is for creating a Nevada Limited Liability Company. You can set up a single-member company, or multiple-member LLC with several owners and managers with differing profit shares and management rights. An Operating Agreement is included and your entries are confidential.

Chart: Pricing, Fees, Costs For Forming a Nevada LLC

We provide a la carte options to suit your budget, with no "upsell" for unnecessary services.

Table: Nevada LLC Laws

Nevada law-makers provide a “pro-business” legal environment for doing business in the State. This is the legal framework for starting and running an LLC in Nevada.

Article: How To Form a Nevada LLC

Doing business in Nevada as an LLC involves more than filing a form with the Secretary of State. The organizer needs to specify a legal name; adopt an operating agreement, submit Articles of Organization and define ownership and management composition.

Article: Why Form an LLC in Nevada

Several inducements make Nevada an attractive venue to base a limited liability company. Proper formation of the entity provides protection to owners from business debt. By complying with Nevada’s non-obtrusive maintenance provisions, this limited liability protection is perpetual.

Article: Roles for Nevada LLC Registered Agents

A registered agent located in Nevada is required for all Limited Liability Companies.

While the primary role of the registered agent is to receive legal notice for the company, it is extremely important to understand agents serve an equally important role of keeping certain records.

Reference: Nevada Corporation and LLC Licensing Agencies

An "A to Z" Directory of Nevada State business licensing agencies and regulatory authorities.

Reference: Nevada Corporation, LLC Resource Guide

Statewide business resources relevent to business entities in Nevada.

Reference: Directory of NV City and County Clerk Offices

Applicability of business, privilege (sales tax) licenses and permits for your corporation or Limited-Liability Company at the local level should be confirmed by contacting the county and municipal governments listed on this page.