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 Business Entity Formation

These are public forms provided by the State of Arizona Corporation Commission to create, terminate, change statutory agent, change address, publish, amend and modify a DIY LLC.

Use of these forms is not mandatory. Freestyle forms are accepted by the ACC. In fact, most attorneys and professional business incorporation companies do not use these documents to save significant time, improve readability, improve comprehenssion by third-parties and avoid confusion in the future.

However, if you are setting up a do-it-yourself LLC, these public form documents can be helpful.

Form Name/TitleCompletion InstructionsPurpose/Utilization
Amendment Attachment – Managers Attachment only – do not submit as a stand-alone document.
Amendment Attachment – Members Attachment only – do not submit as a stand-alone document.
Application to Reserve LLC NameInstructions L001iReserve an LLC name for a non-renewal period of 120 days.
Articles of AmendmentInstructions L015iAmend LLC articles of organization – Arizona LLCs only – covers most types of amendments.
Articles of Amendment to Foreign Registration StatementInstructions L017iForeign LLCs only – amend information on the foreign registration statement.
Articles of OrganizationInstructions L010iCreate or form a limited liability company (LLC).
Articles of TerminationInstructions L031iVoluntarily terminate an Arizona LLC.
Foreign Registration StatementInstructions L025iAny foreign LLC may seek registration to transact business in Arizona.  
Manager Structure Attachment Attachment only – do not submit as a stand-alone document.
Member Structure Attachment Attachment only – do not submit as a stand-alone document.
Notice of Cancellation of Approved LLC Name ReservationInstructions L003iCancel an approved LLC name reservation.
Notice of Transfer of Limited Liability Company Name ReservationInstructions L002iTransfer an approved LLC name reservation.
Notice of Winding UpInstructions L035iUse when an internally dissolved LLC is in the process of winding up its activities and affairs.
Statement of Change of Principal Address or Statutory AgentInstructions L020iChange statutory agent or Arizona address. For use by Arizona or foreign LLCs.
Statement of Change of Manager or Member AddressesInstructions L021iChange manager or member addresses only. For use by Arizona LLCs only. (Foreign LLCs use Articles of Amendment to Application for Registration.)
Statement of CorrectionInstructions L030iCorrect a non-substantive error in a previously-filed document (example – typographical errors).
Statement of Withdrawal of Foreign LLC or Foreign Series RegistrationInstructions L026iForeign LLCs only – voluntarily withdraw registration in Arizona.
Statutory Agent AcceptanceInstructions M002iNew statutory agents must sign, and acceptance must be submitted with document making the appointment.
Statutory Agent ResignationInstructions L032iStatutory agent may resign from that appointment.