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 Business Entity Formation

Companies can use this section as a resource guide to incorporate in Arizona. Filing offices and forms are listed in the State Regulatory Agency area. The corporate code and limited liability company act will be found under laws regarding LLC’s and incorporation.

Arizona Laws Regarding Incorporation and LLCs:

Title 10 of the Arizona Revised Statutes Corporations and Associations (The Arizona Corporations Code) governs incorporation, corporate operations and other issues relative to incorporating your company.

Arizona LLC Laws govern Limited Liability Company formation and operating agreements. This is the body of law to refer to when researching disputes between members, management structure, allocation of profits, or transfers of ownership interests.

Arizona Regulatory Agencies:

Corporation Commission (ACC): This is the agency which accepts filings for LLC’s and incorporations. The agency is charged with regulating business operations and records keeping.

Directory of Business Licensing Boards and Regulatory Agencies in Arizona: Agencies and professional licensing boards in Arizona.

Local licensing and trade name registrations at the county and city government levels.

Arizona Corporation Commission in a Nutshell: We have set up this page to quickly navigate the ACC website. Find forms, search records and obtain telephone numbers with contact information to key departments.

The Secretary of State maintains records of trade names, certifications, public and business records.

The Department of Revenue is the office which regulates taxation. This department has forms and information on unemployment insurance, sales and income tax;

Frequently Asked Questions: General information on incorporating, income taxation and doing business in Arizona from the Corp. Commission.

Guide to Arizona Business Licensing Requirements: This booklet at the DOR website lists state agencies requiring licensing, certification or permits for commerce activities.

Name search: availability of name searches can be conducted at the ACC. If the business is registered as a sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability partnership, a corporation or LLC, it can be located here.

Arizona Corporation Commission Schedule of Corporation and Limited Liability Company fees.

Arizona’s Department of Commerce promotes commerce activities