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 Business Entity Formation

Notice of Formation Requirement

When you form an Arizona LLC, the Corporation Commission informs you to publish notice the LLC - it's a State law requirement*. If you don't do it, or if you don't do it correctly, your Company is not compliant and is subject to creditor attacks trying to hold you personally liable for business debt.

So, if you filed a Limited Liability Company, and let us publish for you, we'll cross-check your input for accuracy and make sure everything gets done right the first time. All while you concentrate on running your business.

Use this form to have us publish Notice of Limited Liability Company Formation for your LLC in the required Arizona County.

When you use this Arizona LLC Publication Service, we:
1. create and run a "Limited Liability Company Notice of Formation" in the appropriate County,
2. file proof of publication with the Arizona Corporation Commission and
3. provide copies of the newspaper's Affidavit of Publication to you for your company's records.
More details and services are set forth on the following page, so please input accurate information below and the server will calculate the cost. You can pay with a major credit card and we will get Notice of your Company's formation underway immediately.

Arizona LLC Publication Form


  • ARS 29-3201(G) Arizona Statute "Formation of a limited liability company". This is the law requiring advertising public notice of formation of new Arizona Limited Liability Companies. Note the notice must appear in a legal publication preapproved by the Arizona Corporation Commission. Paragraph (C)(2) makes filing an Affidavit of Publication with the Corporation Commission optional (for all Arizona LLCs). We still file the Affidavit in case your copy is lost.
  • Arizona Corporation Commission preapproved newspapers where to publish Notice of LLC Formation Form.
  • Affidavit of Publication filed by Tucson legal public notices publisher, The Record Reporter. Proof that Arizona Real Estate Group advertised legal notice of formation.
  • Arizona Corporation Commission Notice of LLC Formation (ACC Form LL:0001. This is the format recommended by the State. The content can be abbreviated and still comply with the publication requirement. Using a custom short form can significantly reduce the publication costs.
  • ARS 10-00130(B) This statute made publishing a Notice of Formation optional for limited liability companies with a known place of business inside Maricopa and Pima Counties. Appearance in the Corporation Commission's database (see link below) constitutes notice of formation.
  • Corporation Commission Public Notice Database regarding LLCs in Maricopa and Pima Counties. Display of Articles of Organization of an Arizona Limited Liability Company in this database meets the publication and posting requirement in ARS 29-3201.