Official California LLC Name Availability and Reservation

This form is to be used when you are ready to reserve an LLC Name with the California Secretary of State today. This is not a name availability check or “request” form. This form is to obtain a NAME RESERVATION CERTIFICATE from the Secretary of State today.

Before you file an LLC in California, you can run a quick Business Search check at the Secretary of State’s website to see if the Company name you want to use is available. It’s public record and free, but certain rules apply which you don’t want to learn about “the hard way”.

Even if you don’t see a company that is identical or similar to the name you want for your new California limited liability company, the Secretary of State can (and will) reject your filing for numerous obscure rules. For example, if you want to use a name such as “ACME House Flipping” and another entity is named “Golden State ACME House Flipping” the filing would be rejected. Also, if someone has reserved the entity name, it will not be reflected in the free search, and will result in a rejected filing.

The only way to be sure the Secretary of State will allow a company to use the name you want for your new California LLC is to either mail in a Name Reservation Request Form and wait for the State to mail you a Reservation Number, or setup an account so they will issue a reservation certificate instantly by telephone.

So, if you don’t want any unexpected delays, Paralegal Plus will obtain a Reservation Certificate number TODAY which reserves your chosen name for 60 days. Essentially, you will own the name and the State has documented it does not conflict with any other company. Anyone else who tries to form a new California Limited Liability Company with your reserved name will be rejected.

*This service is a discounted option when you form a California LLC at And, yes, we do same-day filings and 24 hour Secretary of State approvals on Limited Liability Companies and Corporations.

Same Day Secretary of State LLC Name Reservation Form